Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Using a tripod can be very important especially is some kind of photography,for example shooting in the night,indoors in a low light condition,macro or other.It helps in reducing camera shake that can cause blur to your photo.I know that they are fastidious to carry around but they are also very helpful.So if you have decided to buy one you will need to know some factors that can affect its use.
1.Good construction and stability-Are very important if you you want to use your camera for a long time and not break it the first time you use it with the tripod.Avoid plastic models even if they are cheap because they cant be trusted with your camera.A heavy tripod is a stable tripod.
2.Its weight-is also as important as the first one because you will need a tripod that can support the weight of your camera,lenses,flash and other,but also you need one that is easy to carry around.The last types are maid of material that can be light but offer stability like those made with carbon fibers.Just choose a tripod that matches your camera weight,because there is no point in using a heavy tripod for a light camera.
3.Height-You will need to check is tall enough to fulfill your needs.Because you can find a lot of model:tall ones,mini ones.
4.A good head-The head is what attaches your camera to the tripod.They come in two types.There are the pan and tilt heads and the ball and socket heads.Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The pan and tilt heads move up and down, left to right. It doesn't have as much fluid movement as the ball and socket type, and setting up vertical shots is a little more time consuming.They are usually cheaper. The ball and socket, can take any direction you like is nice for moving your camera around while on the tripod.Some tripods are sold with a removable head so yuo can change it afterwords but some are with a fixed one and some don't have any head so you can choose what type you like.
5.Joints-Look for joints that don't flex. When you extend the section and lock it down, does the joint still flex, or is it solid. Solid costs money, but it increases stability. However, this is really one area you don't want to compromise.
6.Sections-Decide between 3 or 4. If you travel a lot or backpack, a 4 segment tripod is something to consider. There's no question: The more segments in the pod, the less stable it will be.But if you choose a 4 segment to compensate the stability by buying higher quality segments.
7.Test them before buying-Go to a reputable camera store and test drive them then so you will be absolutely sure of what you buy.

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I think for those who have will be very important to have a camera tripod. tripod will help in taking the focus that has long distance, so the picture will look better as no shock when taking a picture.

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